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''The Walking Directory''
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''The Walking Directory''

This directory is designed for your footsteps!
As you virtually or physically travel from store to store,
this directory will lead you through
the fine neighborhood of Antique Shops,
in your favorite towns,
around the world...

Click on the links below:

  • Earth...[earth](Other planets will be listed ASAP) &:o)
  • USA
  • California
  • Central
  • Gilroy...

A note from your host:

This site is new as of 2/14/2k, and is based on the fine shops in my town. As this site grows, links to each stores own website may be added to further your online shopping investigation, prior to your arrival...

If you have any comments or questions for us or the shops listed here, or you are interested in adding a shop in your neighborhood, please drop me a line @



Robert Stretton

Or, talk amoungst yourselves...

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