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''The Walking Directory''
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''The Story''

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As I attempted to find the antique shops on the web, in my town, I discovered that not all were listed anywhere. I found some on one directory and others on another... None of them showed me their physical order as if I were walking from store to store. Then it hit me! Hence,

''The Walking Directory''...

My goal here is to provide a directory that unites the 'Antique Shop Neighborhoods' around the world.

The most logical place to start is my own backyard. I currently have 15 shops within a mile of each other.
( soon to be 17 )

Now, before you arrive in your favorite 'Antique Shop Neighborhoods' you can print out a copy of all the shops in proximity to each other. All the information you need to walk from store to store as your footsteps will lead you, not as data from a search-engine would lead you...

( When was the last time you walked in alphabetical order? )

&:o) <---( happy clown w/curly hair )---=

"Only dead fish swim with the stream all the time."

Please take a moment and drop me a line about the shops you frequent. I will give it my best to create a directory and foyer for the Antique Shops where you walk...

Robert Stretton
RBS Enterprises


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To: Antiques@SalvageEndeavor.com
Subject: Your web page
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2000 10:21:35 -0600

Hello Robert,

My name is Cathy and I live in Missouri. Chris asked me to take a look at your page and I've just finished visiting. I'll bookmark the site and return now and then to see the progress.
It looks great!


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To: Antiques@SalvageEndeavor.com
Subject: Comment For You
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2000 21:41:12 EST

I have enjoyed your walking directory, love how you have brought these shops together. Your directory looks promising, can't wait to be able to peek into all the shops. I have a feeling it will grow to a fantastic place to look for Antiques.
Great Job, thank-you for the look.

Paulette : )

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If you have any comments or questions for us or the shops listed here, or you are interested in adding a shop in your neighborhood, please drop me a line @...



Robert Stretton

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