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“Let you be their next déjà vu experience...”

We now can put your images on many products...

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Virtual Business Cards

Here you will find 50 background templates for business cards and matching website background images (or forward your own). The goal here is to make your website look like your business card, and visa-versa, for a strong first, AND second impression. These files are free and available for the taking so you can do it yourself on vistaprint.com, or, I can do some or all it for you and your business...

The Website:
The Card:


Like the slogan says, “Let you be their next déjà vu experience...”

What does déjà vu mean?

The term "déjà vu" comes from the French, meaning "already seen", and refers to the psychological phenomenon that most of us have experienced when you feel you have seen, felt, or experienced the same thing before, but have not. It can be a person or a situation, or a setting, or an event, but if you have that funny feeling, you're experiencing déjà vu. It's just this strange inexplicable feeling that is a powerful trigger to remember.

With Virtual Business Cards this power of déjà vu is enhanced with color, detail and sound of a matching website, and will implant your presence first in their minds with lasting results.

The first link under each image below is the Business-Card-Ready image for VistaPrint.com.
The second link is to the matching webpage background image.
If you have another image in mind, it must be at least 1440 x 900 pixels in size.
Some abstract image sets can be color-shifted to match your needs.
Website Hosting is FREE for basic websites, no monthly fees!!!
Only modest design, setup, or maintenance fees apply.
A card design, basic matching webpage, or setup fee starting at $40!
Give me a call or send me a message so we can discuss your needs.
I look forward to serving you...

Robert Stretton
RBS Enterprises
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If you would like to see more, here are 310 wide-screen backgrounds that have the potential of being your VBC business card / website combo...

VBC Abstract Backgrounds - 84 Images

VBC Drawing Backgrounds - 75 Images

VBC Photo Backgrounds - 93 Images

VBC Textured Backgrounds - 56 Images

Just email me the one you like and I can make it happen for you...

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  • Since the beginning of the World Wide Web I have found the best the web can offer for free. Many free software & webware programs are better than what you pay for because of dedicated people. I use all free software to make websites for people and small businesses. This keeps my overhead costs low which enables me to keep my prices low. I work out of my small office in the coastal town of Eureka, CA. I can have your web presence up and running in just a few hours. Everything is custom-made to fit your needs, yet simple to change. Give me a call and lets talk about what we can do... Thank You. RBSe Business Card

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