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J2 Enterprises is the company set up in 2004 by the artist and her partner, James Boyle, to publish and distribute consumer products featuring the work of Jennifer Kincaid. The complete current product line is shown on the page of Our Products.

Here you will find a list of exhibitions , past and future, as well as links to reprints of articles about and reviews of Kincaid's work, and miscellaneous printed mentions.


Random Acts: The accidentalist art of Jennifer Kincaid
By John Tierney

Short Features:

One artist, four exhibits

reprint from the Eureka Times-Standard,
Friday, Dec. 5, 2003



reprint from the Eureka Times-Standard,
..., ... .., 2003

Vortex, by Jennifer Kincaid

reprint from the North Coast Journal,
..., ... .., 2003

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