Welcome to: http://HumCPU.com
Email: office@humcpu.com
Phone: (707) 725-5882
Owner: James Wills

Humboldt Computer Professionals Unlimited is owned and operated by James Wills, currently in Fortuna.

We offer professional service and use professional grade parts.

  • Entry Level
  • Standard Level
  • Business/Performance Level
  • Extreme Level
  • Server Level

Rates for service work:
Computer Repair / Service Call - $60/Hr.
Networking - $60/Hr.
Hardware Replacement - $20 Labor per part.
Service Contracts - $40/Computer ( Min. 3 Computers, Does not include computers in serious disrepair )

Professionalism and great service should be a standard. We intend to go the extra mile, while bridging the gap between computer techs and clients. We would like you to feel properly informed and educated, and feel that your needs are being taken care of.

We have offered classes in the past, and are currently developing 28+ classes that are easy to understand and come with great take-home materials.

( Pending future development. Please check back often. )

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