To save the boys trapped in the Thailand Cave!

Inflatable Pressurized Escape Tunnel:
Invented by: Robert B. Stretton
on: 2018/07/03 20:05:36:116

Commission the company named:

??? TBA...

To build an inflatable tunnel like a long thin Donut to drag into the submerged areas and out the other end above water, then use pneumatic pressure to position it in place against the walls of the cave, displacing the water around it before the hydraulic pressure can strengthen the outer shell cementing it in its new place, and then inflate the hydraulic outer shell that is baffled in such a way as to strengthen the out ring under pressure, and once the hydraulic pressure has displaced the water in the cave path, and strengthened the outer ring, then you lower the pneumatic pressure in the tunnel to that of a high-flying jet to keep as much back pressure in the tunnel as possible, and have an air-lock at each end, and then they will have a dry underwater tunnel to escape through, since many of them cannot swim, and are already traumatized, and you want to make it easier, not harder for them... This could also be a small rubber submarine, insteard of a full tunnel... And they need to be built today...!!!

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