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This product takes advantage of the browser print function and the HTML tag of ‹tt›(this font) to simplify the design of this virtual CD cover. Because of the fixed-width font-face of the ‹tt› tag (tt stands for Tele-Type, from the good old days), exact measurements were made to produce this document that is your FREE virtual CD cover...
  1. On the next page is the template for your FREE CD Cover!

  2. Warm up your printer. (or save the next page for later)

  3. Insert a sheet of clean paper. (8.5" x 11")

  4. After printing, fold your page by the numbers "(#)"

  5. Fold everything inward.

  6. NOTE: Step (5) and (6) on the next page are easier if you first fold then back on the line,
    then forward or inward.

  7. Now go to the next page and print it!...

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